"I got to see one of the coolest old school rock bands I've ever seen! These guys are the epitome of old school rock. So...friggin...good... Citizen Hypocrisy, look them up, you'd love these guys...seriously."  Josh Fugal

"They ARE Rock." Angela Seabury

"Another powerful trio, and when they're all this good, it's a perfect pleasure. This powerhouse trio, Dennis, Gary and Tony have that natural communication that reminds one of all those three piece ensembles, like the The Experience, Rory Gallagher, Cream, Double Trouble etc. So when we feel it, we recognize that "Great Trio Combination."   Alan Roy Carrington

"This shit was awesome live !!"   Nathan Huver Smith

"Just love the group. Big fan."  Jaime Lee Poulos, Evanston Staging  & Events

"Citizen Hypocrisy are definitely one of Salt Lake's local talent, and I mean TALENT!" Syn Finnas

"Salt Lake's power trio.  A lil ol' trio with a big sound, NOT your average band."  Alan Roy Carrington

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The Mind's Eye


Live at The Royal

"Citizen Hypocrisy's latest CD Rock your Mind: Live at the The Royal is a refreshing mix of stories to be told, new rock-n-roll riffs and RAW guitar and vocals. It's a very good recording, with a great live feel. It's nostalgic to hear those moods and tempos shift like that. Reminds me of before 'click-tracks.'" Alan Roy Carrington

"If Your gonna listen to this album, Do yourself a favor and CRANK IT UP FIRST! Rock & Roll needs to be played loud & proud and this kicks It Loud AND proud!" Billy Jackson

Live at the Royal

Citizen Hypocrisy

Recorded live at The Royal in Salt Lake City, Utah on October 10, 2015
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